The Basics

Manners & Basic Obedience for the Family Pet

Focusing on important foundation behaviors, basic pet obedience classes help owners and their dogs achieve success through structured activities and positive dog training methods. Trainers also help owners understand how to use the basic commands at home to turn that unruly bundle of joy into a well-behaved family pet.

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A Well-Trained Dog is a Happy Dog. That is our motto at K9JYM, and it is something all of our instructors and staff here feel very strongly about.  Most dogs who end up in shelters have had no prior obedience training. That is why we believe that you can never start too early (or too late) to start teaching your dog these important life skills that will help your companion become a well-behaved, welcome member of the family and a good canine citizen in the community that is welcome everywhere.

Because we believe your relationship with your dog is just as important as his manners and obedience, all of our classes use scientifically-proven, positive reward -based training methods. By rewarding what behavior you find desirable, your dog will quickly learn what behavior's earn him your attention and more freedom. By implementing simple management techniques, such as setting boundaries, you can prevent behavior problems before they even start.

Basic House Manners are what allow our pet to live acceptably with the family inside the home in a world where calm obedience is the key to more freedom.

Basic Obedience are just basic skills every good dog should know, such as like sit, down, stay when called, loose leash walking, and more. These basic commands will develop a foundation of communication that you can rely upon throughout your dog's life.

Toilet training, jumping, mouthing, barking, digging, and more . . . these are all common behavior problems pet owners see, and easily fixed, yet sadly cause many pets to end up in the shelter.  Learn how to solve these problems or better yet, how to prevent them from developing in the first place.

Lay a solid foundation for a lifetime. Not only are these skills helpful in helping your pet become a well-behaved member of the family, but can provide the essential skills of focus, impulse control, and patience for those who are considering taking one of our Canine Sport classes.

Our Basic Pet classes accept dogs from Early puppyhood thru adulthood
utilizing Positive Reward-Based training methods.

Dog & Puppy Manners

Dog & Puppy Manners

Focusing on important foundation behaviors, the Dog & Puppy Manners classes helps owners and their dogs achieve success through structured activities and positive dog training methods. Trainers also help owners understand how to use the basic commands at home to turn that unruly bundle of joy into a well-behaved family pet.

Great for dogs of all ages whether they are long-term pets, newly rescued, or somewhere in between. During these enjoyable classes with your canine friend, utilizing positive training, we will show you how to inspire your dog to want to listen and be polite both in your home and out.

Lessons include foundation behaviors such as getting attention, sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, leave it, and more. Even dogs who already have a good grasp of these commands can benefit from the socialization and added distractions of class.

But these classes aren’t only about "commands". You’ll find out how dogs think as well as how we influence our dogs’ behaviors without realizing it (sending mixed messages). You’ll have fun learning the importance of tone of voice and enthusiasm in providing clear communication and gain a new appreciation for your dog.

Whether you're just looking for a well-behaved pet, need to teach an old dog new tricks, or want to move on to Canine Good Citizen or therapy work, basic dog obedience is the start.


Shy Dog

Shy Dog ~  NEW CLASS!

This class is great for shy, cautious or fearful dogs or puppies. The various exercises and obstacles learned will help build confidence and judgment in your dogs as they achieve success in various new tasks. Dogs and puppies will be encouraged to think and learn rather than to panic. Some exercises will give the dogs jobs to do to improve focus and concentration. They will learn to trust you more as they learn new things with you and gain self-assurance through physical and mental exercises and exposure to novel things.

There is no right or wrong and no pressure to perform any task that is too overwhelming for any particular dog. Just force-free learning.

This 9-week class is limited to 6 dogs who are 6-months of age or older who already have basic obedience skills.


CGC & Therapy Dog

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Prep

Instructor: Deb Lipartito

Our Canine Good Citizen (CGC)/Therapy Dog Prep class will help you down the path toward earning your American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen title and your Comfort Caring Canines Therapy Dogs Incorporated Certification, as we work through training exercises based on the test items. The CGC is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs that have good manners at home and in the community. Passing the CGC test is an excellent first step for anyone considering therapy work with their canine companion.  The class will focus on the components of these tests including loose leash walking, remaining calm while approaching people and other dogs, sit stay for petting and handling, come when called, and supervised separation.  Some exercises are designed to familiarize dogs and their owners with behaviors and requirements needed to become a certified Therapy Dog with Comfort Caring Canines.

Next Level Obedience

Next Level Obedience

Prerequisite: Basic Dog Obedience

In this class we will take what you have learned in the Basic Dog Obedience and expand on them. We will be adding distance to different stationary positions as well as adding more time and even some distractions to “active” positions. We will work to strengthen the basics of come when called as well as leave it and drop it. We will also learn to handle your dog in more social settings such as a flea market, walking down the street in a busy city or town.

The Basics of Bonding

The Basics of Bonding

In this class we will be discussing different ways that you can create a stronger bond between you and your dog. We will be using different pieces of equipment to teach your dog to trust in you and for you to trust in your dog. We will also be exploring how to read body language and signals that your dog shows you to better understand how they communicate that they are uneasy or unsure, all the while strengthening your bond.

Obedience in the Great Outdoors

Taking It On The Road: Obediance In The Great Outdoorsout-for-walk

Your first class meets at K9JYM, and after that you'll Take It On the Road. Each week your instructor will take you on a field trip to local parks and venues to help you and your dog become more proficient with the exercises that you began in basic obedience. It can be easy for our dogs to listen to us in the familiar environment of our homes or in the classroom.  But will your dog still sit when asked or come when called when faced with all the exciting distractions of other people, dogs,  and interesting sights, sounds, and scents of the great outdoors? This class will  prepare your dog to be the polite companion you're proud to take out in public.  The course will be customized to the needs of each student to help you and your dog achieve success.

This 4-week mini-class is limited to 8 dogs who already have basic obedience skills. 

PLEASE NOTE: FIRST CLASS MEETS AT K9JYM.  Information about the remaining class locations will be announced at class.

Drop-in's are welcome - $25 per class, Pending instructor approval and space permitting.
Calling ahead is strongly suggested.

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Building Focus: Tu 7/10/2018 07-10-2018 8:15 pm $160.00 6
Dog & Puppy Manners: Mo 7/9/18 07-09-2018 8:30 pm $160.00 6
Dog & Puppy Manners: Sa 6/30/18 06-30-2018 8:45 am $160.00 6
Dog & Puppy Manners: Daytime We 6/13/18 06-13-2018 10:15 am $160.00 7
Dog & Puppy Manners: Daytime We 9AM 6/13/18 06-13-2018 9:00 am $160.00 6
Dog & Puppy Manners: Mo 5/7/18 05-07-2018 8:30 pm $160.00 6
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
Dog & Puppy Manners: Sa 4/28/18 04-28-2018 8:45 am $160.00 6
We are no longer accepting registration for this event