The Basics

Well Trained Dogs are Happy Dogs!     Manners for daily Life


We believe NOW is the BEST time -REGARDLESS OF AGE - to start teaching your dog the important good companion and life skills that lead to a well-behaved family member and a good canine citizen in the community: A TEAM who is welcome everywhere!

Because we believe your relationship with your dog is just as important as his manners and obedience, all of our classes use positive reward based training methods. Good UNDERSTANDING and Communication CAN often reduce the need for obvious punishment.

By rewarding what behavior you find desirable, your dog will quickly learn what behavior's earn him the things the dog finds valuable: freedom, your attention, treats, and play. By implementing simple management techniques, such as setting boundaries, you can prevent behavior problems before they ever start.

Manners are what allow our pet to live acceptably with the family inside the home in a world where calm self control is THE key to more freedom.

Basic skills every good dog should know, include;

  • sit - stand - down
  • come when called
  • loose leash walking
  • stay until released
  • leaving things alone (people, dogs/animals, stuff)
  • games to exercise and build self control


Basic skills every good handler learns, include;

  • Positive games for training Boundary Control
  • Fun tips for showing the dog what you want
  • Games to develop a dog's self control (impulse control)
  • Techniques for understanding how well your dog understands what you are asking of them


These basic concepts will develop a foundation of communication you can rely upon throughout your dog's life and can develop into many teamwork games and dog sports!

Toilet training, jumping, mouthing, barking, digging, and more . . . these are all common behavior problems usually directly related to a lack of impulse control. These topics are discussed in classes, but for those having difficulties, private work is always available!

Lay a solid foundation for a lifetime. Not only are these skills helpful in helping your pet become a well-behaved member of the family, but can provide the essential skills of focus, impulse control, and patience for those who are considering taking one of our Canine Sport classes.

ANY Puppy Class, OR Manners Class covers the same material!
ALL Classes use Positive, and Reward-Based training methods.

Dog & Puppy Manners

Dog & Puppy Manners

For Teams who prefer to work in a class enviornment with dogs or puppies of any age, or size as their classmates.

Puppy Training


PuppyTraining (10 weeks to 12 months)

For Teams who prefer to work in a class environment with Puppies ONLY, but within the full age range of Puppies: 10 weeks to 12 momths.

Calling All Puppies!


Calling All Puppies! (10 weeks to 5 months)

For Teams who prefer to work in a class environment with Puppies ONLY within an age range from 10 weeks to 5 months.


Adolescent Puppy



Adolescent Puppies! (5 months to 12 months)

For Teams who prefer to work in a class environment with Puppies ONLY within an age range from 5 months to 12 months.



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