Ready, Set, Sniff!


Nosework is a brand-new, scent-based canine sport. Just like dogs trained for drugs or explosives detection, Nosework expects a dog to hunt for, find, and show the source of hidden odor (essential oils) under various conditions such as in containers and vehicles, indoors and outdoors.

Note about all Nosework classes:  Students may stay at the same level for several sessions.  Students will stay with their "flights" unless moved to a more appropriate class as per their skill level.  Classes will progress based on the needs and appropriateness for the dogs.

Nosework Classes

Intro to Nosework

Intro to Nosework

 Ready to learn about Nose Work?  The focus of this class is to build the foundation skills and build the dog's intensity to hunt. Birch will be introduced.  Work your way up from boxes to simple interior/exterior searches.
  1. TREATS - Soft, yummy treats (cut up small).
  2. 4-6 FT LEASH - (nylon or leather)
  3. FLAT BUCKLE COLLAR - NO pinch, choke/slip, head halters, or ‘no-pull’ harnesses during searches.

Nosework Elements

Nosework Elements

In this class your dog will get exposed to all elements (Containers, Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles).  Basic skills will be covered with an emphasis on Confidence and Motivation.  Dogs will be introduced to Anise and Clove.


Nosework III:

Nosework III

Get ready to fine tune the advanced skills and prepare for NW3 competition.  Students will learn how to clear search areas with unknown number of hides.  Focus will be on fine tuning handler skills and increased difficulty of hides and search areas.exterior-search-luggage



Jump Start Program


Open to any Team who prefers individual instruction in Agility, Ball Herding, Nosework, and Rally Obedience. In lieu of seven weeks of regular group classes, this option offers great flexibilty with scheduling, progressing, or other special needs for either dog or handler. In four one-hour blocks of individual instruction, teams can progress as quickly or quicker than group classes. Depending on the evaluation at the end of the four meetings, most teams are prepared to enter group classes or you may choose to continue in the Jump Start Program. You get the opportunity to evaluate and observe what serves your TEAM best in going forward!




Listed below are currently running & upcoming classes

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Event Event Start Date Individual Price Capacity Register
Nosework: All Levels - Daytime We 5/9/18 05-09-2018 1:30 pm $160.00 6
Jump Start Nosework: 4 private lesson class tailored to your schedule 05-01-2018 $220.00 100
Nosework III: Fr 4/27/18 04-27-2018 8:30 pm $170.00 8
Nosework Elements - Fr 4/27/18 04-27-2018 7:15 pm $170.00 6
Intro to Nosework: Fr 4/27/18 04-27-2018 6:00 pm $160.00 7
Nosework: All Levels - Daytime We 2/28/18 02-28-2018 1:30 pm $160.00 6
We are no longer accepting registration for this event