Disc Dog

Watch Your God Fly!

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Got a high energy dog? Disc dog may be the sport for him! You'll learn how to throw the disc, while building your dog's drive, skill, and excitement for the game. A great sport for fun or competition.

Our Welcome to Disc Dog - uses small rewarding exercises to build skill, understanding, better attention so the dogs can learn and enjoy the process. From there the excitement for the games builds. Games like toss n fetch are the easiest, and then we learn more challenging games like bulls eye and other distance and accuracy games, teaching fun behaviors for freestyle is part another fun game - put to music and offering great creativity for dog and handler to improve teamwork!

Crazy dogs learn the obedience and reward for better attention while burning off TONS of active energy, while quieter dogs can build their confidence and understanding of working fun with toys and their handler.

Disc Dog Classes

Disk Dog I: Welcome to Disc Dog

Disc Dog I: Welcome to Disc Dog

Instructor: Debb Kirschner

Welcome! The fun and excitement of Disc Doggin begins with building the DOG's understanding of the game, and what to do with the disc. While very exciting, there is some impulse control required to play the game. With games, breaks, and lots of encouragement, we build the skills for the foundation of learning many cool and fun disc games! Basic skills include: following after a moving disc, taking it in their mouth (and keeping it there), returning to the handler, and letting you get the disc OUT of their mouth (this is NOT a tugging game). Timing, tossing, sending, catching, and returning are the basic elements of the game. Each team may find different elements of the game more or less challenging, our goal is having fun while building the drive and focus in our dogs to be great playing partners! Disc skills for the handlers are also covered! Good tossing skills from us improves the dog's enjoyment and desire for the game.

Disc dog is an EXCELLENT sport for rewarding GOOD, focused behavior and working off leash, at distance!

Disk Dog II: Let's Play

Disc Dog II: Let's Play!

Instructor: Debb Kirschner

Once dogs understand the basic skills for playing the disc dog game - Toss n Fetch - This next level class develops other skills which make the sport rewarding, exciting, challenging and varied for both parts of the team! Freestyle is creative, active, exciting, and challenging! Dogs learn to catch in different positions (facing you, running out, moving sideways, close in and while jumping). Students repeat this class on an ongoing basis to continue to advance in this sport. Discussion of what Disc Doggin competition entails (tons of FUN with classes beginner thru champion).

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