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So Long & Thanks For All The Fish (title from a Douglas Adams novel)

After 11 years of service to the dog owner's community, I give sincere thanks to all the teams who entered K9JYM as students, competitors, and the curious who wanted to know what we were all about.

When the doors opened on October 4th, 2008 I had this awesome vision inspired by a dog I rescued who I came to learn was in serious need of help due to her anti-social fear based reactions which included seriously injuring other dogs who set her off. This was a difficult dog to live with, and even harder to understand and control. No matter how badly she was injured as a result of her poor decision to initiate an attack, she did not seem to learn from her pain and suffering from her injuries. It was as though she could not make the connection between the cause and effect process.

I was at a loss. The training methods I always thought would work, ones based on a dog being just afraid enough of punishment, they would avoid doing the thing which brought pain or discomfort upon themselves from the person they loved, or were most dependant upon for food, water, and comfort. When I learned there was another way to reach an animal's mind