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Puppy Socials are Have Moved to Monday Nights!

adolescent pup football The puppy socials at K9JYM are now on Monday nights.


What happens at a puppy social?

Puppies are allowed to play and romp around the ring off-leash giving them the chance to meet other puppies of different sizes, breeds, and personalities.  At times, toys or small low impact equipment is brought onto the floor for additional stimulation and fun.  A professional, knowledgeable instructor will be on site to referee the play and put anyone in time-out should they get a little out of hand. The instructor will also be available to answer your questions about puppy behavior, socialization, and training.  

If one group of pups is more rambunctious than the rest and their rough play is intimidating the others, the instructor will divide the group in half.  At various times, the instructor may call a halt to play, so that owners can collect their puppies and work on calming them down and regaining their focus. This is the first step in training your puppy to control his emotions and focus on you no matter what exciting distraction is nearby.

While puppy socialization also gives the puppies a chance to meet other people, it is polite to ask the other puppy parents before introducing yourself to their puppy or giving them any treats.  Some puppies are coming to puppy social because they are shy or have a fear of people, while others may have a strict diet due to allergies or other health problem. Simply ask their owner before approaching them.

*** The instructor reserves the right to put any puppy who is getting carried away or acting inappropriately into time-out and/or dismiss him from Puppy Social Hour.

Who Can Come?

Puppies of all ages and breeds who have at minimum their first two rounds of vaccinations. You do not need to have taken any other class at K9JYM, though we encourage you to take one of our Puppy Classes as part of a well-rounded plan to raise a well-adjusted, behaved adult.

  • Calling All Puppies Social Hour    -  Pups up to 5 mos. of age
  • Adolescent Puppy Social Hour  -  Pups 5 mos. to 12 mos. of age