K9JYM's Policies & Rules

We want an enjoyable experience for ALL our students, visitors, and staff. These few policies help ensure the safety and comfort of you and your dog and other guests in the gym.

We WELCOME you! Please let us know you are here (especially if no one is in the office - it usually means we are around somewhere tending to something).


By entering K9JYM facilities you consent to have photographs, video, and sound recording made for the purpose of promoting K9JYM and its programs. These images will never by sold by K9KYM without prior consent.


All refunds issued by K9JYM Inc to its customers will be given in the form of a check, regardless of how the initial fee was received. A $10 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds.

  • No refunds are given for registrations canceled within 15 days prior to the start date of the class.
  • No refunds are given for seminars, workshops, and special events.
  • No refunds are given after the start of any class or event.
  • No make-up classes are offered for students missing classes. If K9JYM cancels a class session (e.g., for bad weather, instructor absence), it will be rescheduled.
  • In the event of severe weather we do our best to inform students when classes need to be cancelled by email, phone, and/or an announcement on the website. It is your responsibility, however, to check the website and find out whether we are open for classes. Closings are always clearly posted at the top of the front page.

  • All dog must have an up-to-date Rabies vaccination.
  • DO ENCOURAGE your dogs to relieve themselves before entering the facility or just before your class/training time begins. Accidents happen, especially when it's a new environment for your dog. We provide bags, mop buckets, & hand sanitizer for you to clean up after your dog promptly. We are happy to hold onto to your dog for you at this time.
  • RESPONSIBLE dog ownership requires you CLEAN up after your DOG! Anyone who does not clean up after their dog WILL be asked to leave immediately without any refund or credit. This is THAT important to us!
  • Large trash cans are provided for you OUTSIDE the main entry, the A-ring door, and the D-ring door for your dog's mess (liquid or solid.) DO NOT USE ANY INDOOR trash can to leave dog waste in.
  • Please NO flexi leads (retractable leashes) when in the parking lot, potty areas, and inside the gym. A plain 4 or 6 foot lead is safer for all, dogs and people.
  • DO NOT let any dog off lead- unless you are working an exercise with the instructor.
  • Take care when making the choice to let your dog meet another dog. It's okay, but do exercise care and caution. Dogs are still animals and can get injured even when being playful, as they still have teeth and claws. If you are unsure - DON'T DO IT without the assistance of an instructor!
  • We support positive training methods – Our goal is to provide a fun place to work and play. Do not treat your K9 partner harshly or forcefully. If it's an off day, end your training session on a positive note. Next time will be better. Be respectful of your K9 partner--don't ask something of him which may cause injury or discomfort. Setting your dog up for success builds upon positive experience. Once your dog gets spooked or injured it can set your progress back significantly.
  • We pride ourselves on a clean environment. Please pick up anything your dog leaves on the property (indoors or outdoors), only dispose of it in the can provided right outside our entry door. The dumpsters are NOT ours. They are the property of other tenants; do not put your poop bags/trash in them.
  • Please use the crates provided for your convenience -- you are always welcome to bring in your own crate to confine your dog, or if you are attending with more than one dog. Dogs should never be left alone in your vehicle while visiting K9JYM - ESPECIALLY when the weather is warm!
  • Do not tie your dog to objects which may not hold him securely.
  • Bitches in heat must wear protective panties. This is for their well being and protection. We believe they are still deserving of training and exercise during their cycle and happy to have them here.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside or outside the facility. Please leave your smokes in your vehicle. The clean air is better for the dogs (and you too).
  • Receipt of Payment for classes is the only way to guarantee your spot in a class. If you choose to mail in your registration, please be aware Classes/Seminars/Events can fill online before we receive your payment. We will notify you & return your payment promptly in the event this occurs.
  • Registration for class also subscribes you to K9JYM's email list to receive our newsletter and other occasional notifications. You may opt out at any time by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of a newsletter.
  • We appreciate your cooperation & support, and we look forward to providing many satisfying visits to K9JYM.