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    Lots and lots of Agility!

    We’re gearing up for lots of Agility trials this fall. Most are currently accepting entries. From small to tall and beginners on up we have something for everyone. If you are new to agility trials consider registering for Jacky Mento’s workshop on Oct. 3. Also, if you are new to trialing we recommend entering Nursery Classes at any of our UKI trials.   Upcoming agility Trials:   UKI – Aug. 23 (Cancer Research Fund Raiser) UKI – Aug. 24 TDAA – Sept. 6-7 CPE – Nov. 22-23 (Y2K9s) UKI – Sept. 17 UKI – Sept. 21 TDAA – Oct. 11-12 CPE – Nov. 22-23 (Rocky Creek) CPE – Dec. 28-28 (Rocky Creek) UKI – Dec. 31 (with New Years Celebration) ...

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    Vacation Keeping You from Agility Class? Try Drop-Ins with Jacky!

    Seems like everyone is traveling in August, doesn't it, and that sometimes keeps us from our favorite canine classes. That's when a drop-in is a perfect option. Trainer Jacky Mento is offering three Thursday night agility classes: Crosses & Cues, Contacts & Weaves, and Agile Fun & Clean Runs.  Whether your goal is fun and sport with your dog or preparing for competition, Jacky's classes can work for you during these "dog days" of August.  Drop in classes cost $25 per session; no sign-up required. ...

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    Obedience in the Great Outdoors - Last Class This Season

    TAKING IT ON THE ROAD: OBEDIENCE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS Instructor: Debb Kirschner Your first class meets at K9JYM, and after that you'll Take It On the Road. Each week your instructor will take you on a field trip to local parks and venues to help you and your dog become more proficient with the exercises that you began in basic obedience. It can be easy for our dogs to listen to us in the familiar environment of our homes or in the classroom.  But will your dog still sit when asked or come when called when faced with all the exciting distractions of other people, dogs,  and interesting sights, sounds, and scents of the great outdoors? This class will  prepare your dog to be the polite companion you're proud to take out in public.  The course will be customized to the needs of each student to help you and your dog achieve success. This 4-week mini-class is limited to 8 dogs who already have basic obedience skills. Sign up here! PLEASE NOTE: FIRST CLASS MEETS AT ...

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Welcome to K9JYM Indoor Dog Training and Sports Center

K9JYM is the largest indoor dog training center for canine sports in the region. Our 18,000 square foot facility provides the ideal environment for training, exercising, and having a great time with your dog  in a fun, safe, & exciting indoor gym.

We offer dog training classes in: Pet & Puppy Obedience, Agility, Rally-Obedience, Flyball, Weight Pull, Ball Herding (Treibball), Disc Dog, Nosework, Competition Obedience & Utility, Show Handling for the Breed Ring, Clicks and Tricks, Puppy Social Hour, and more. Whether you're looking for a fun way to exercise and spend time with your dog or you're interested in competition, we have something for everyone.  Our pet and puppy classes will help your pet become a well-adjusted member of the family, and our sport classes offer a great way to exercise your dog and keep his mind active.

It is our mission as members of the APDT to advocate positive training techniques and a mutual respect between Handler & Dog. Conveniently located on Route 309/Bethlehem Pike in Colmar Pennsylvania we are just a 30 minute drive from Philadelphia and easily accessed from Bucks,  Montgomery, and Lehigh Counties.

While we offer many opportunities and activities for dogs and their owners, we are NOT an indoor dog park where dogs are permitted to run loose and socialize at the dogs' leisure.

Upcoming Events Upcoming Events, Workshops, & Trials

Workshop: Who's Walking Who? Th8/21
08-21-2014 6:30 pm
UKI Canine Cancer Rearch Fund Raiser Trial - Judge: Darryl Warren
08-23-2014 8:00 am
UKI Trial - Judge: Mike Conroy
08-24-2014 8:00 am
TDAA Trial - Judge: Mike Conroy
09-06-2014 8:00 am
Y2K9's CPE Agility Trial
09-13-2014 12:00 am
UKI Evening Trial - Judge: Roy Klotz
09-17-2014 4:00 pm

Featured Classes A few of our upcoming classes

Weight Pulling 101: We 9/3
09-03-2014 7:00 pm
Agility: Distance: Th 9/4
09-04-2014 6:00 pm
Agility: Distance PREP: Th 9/4
09-04-2014 7:15 pm
Fetch, Fido!: Th 9/4 - NEW!
09-04-2014 8:30 pm
Creating Calm for the Feisty Fido: Fr 9/19
09-19-2014 7:00 pm
Workshop: All I Really Need to Do Agility is a Dog and a Leash
10-02-2014 6:30 pm