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    K9JYM and Hilltown Obedience Match 8/17

    The K9JYM and Hilltown Dog Training club are sponsoring an obedience match on Sunday August 17 in the K9JYM’s brand new 100 X 100 air conditioned arena. Three full size rings in one space. You and your dog can train in a multi-ring/tournament style arena. Superior matting throughout. To register www.dogmatchshows.com. ...

  • Creating Calm

    On Friday July 25 we're starting a new Creating Calm class. When your dog loses the ability to calm and control himself, he becomes difficult to handle. Such dogs are often labeled 'REACTIVE'. Creating Calm for the Fiesty Fido is patterned after the book, Control Unleashed, by Leslie McDevitt. Exercises and games teach handlers how to recognize the earliest signals our dogs show when their anxiety goes beyond their ability for self-control. The class gives handlers the 'tools' to create new calmer patterns of behavior, allowing your dog to build and learn self control, while focusing on you for support and direction. An awesome class - great for dogs adopted thru rescue or shelters where they learn more stress behaviors than calming ones. Some dogs may need some private coaching before they are prepared to work around other dogs in a group class setting. The instructor reserves the right to decide which dogs can appropriately attend this class. For those do ...

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    Judged Agility Fun Runs, Monday August 11, 2014

    Monday night 8/11 from 6:30-9:00 pm. This will be a judged and timed event. Come and practice your agility skills on a full course at $15 for the evening.  Whatever level of agility you are currently at, you are welcome to give a full course a try! It's a great time practice for our UKI trials on August 23 and 24. ...

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Welcome to K9JYM Indoor Dog Training and Sports Center

K9JYM is the largest indoor dog training center for canine sports in the region. Our 18,000 square foot facility provides the ideal environment for training, exercising, and having a great time with your dog  in a fun, safe, & exciting indoor gym.

We offer dog training classes in: Pet & Puppy Obedience, Agility, Rally-Obedience, Flyball, Weight Pull, Ball Herding (Treibball), Disc Dog, Nosework, Competition Obedience & Utility, Show Handling for the Breed Ring, Clicks and Tricks, Puppy Social Hour, and more. Whether you're looking for a fun way to exercise and spend time with your dog or you're interested in competition, we have something for everyone.  Our pet and puppy classes will help your pet become a well-adjusted member of the family, and our sport classes offer a great way to exercise your dog and keep his mind active.

It is our mission as members of the APDT to advocate positive training techniques and a mutual respect between Handler & Dog. Conveniently located on Route 309/Bethlehem Pike in Colmar Pennsylvania we are just a 30 minute drive from Philadelphia and easily accessed from Bucks,  Montgomery, and Lehigh Counties.

While we offer many opportunities and activities for dogs and their owners, we are NOT an indoor dog park where dogs are permitted to run loose and socialize at the dogs' leisure.

Upcoming Events Upcoming Events, Workshops, & Trials

Workshop: Who's Walking Who?
08-21-2014 6:30 pm
UKI Canine Cancer Rearch Fund Raiser Trial - Judge: Darryl Warren
08-23-2014 8:00 am
UKI Trial - Judge: Mike Conroy
08-24-2014 8:00 am
TDAA Trial - Judge: Mike Conroy
09-06-2014 8:00 am
UKI Trial - Judge: Carol Mount
09-20-2014 8:00 am
TDAA Trial - Judge: Joyce Yaccarino
10-11-2014 8:00 am

Featured Classes A few of our upcoming classes

Workshop: Who's Walking Who?
08-21-2014 6:30 pm
Intro to Agility for Puppies Part II: Th 8/21
08-21-2014 7:15 pm
UKI Canine Cancer Rearch Fund Raiser Trial - Judge: Darryl Warren
08-23-2014 8:00 am
Weight Pulling 101: We 9/3
09-03-2014 7:00 pm
Agility: Distance: Th 9/4
09-04-2014 6:00 pm
Agility: Distance PREP: Th 9/4
09-04-2014 7:15 pm